Five-pound packages of jumbo Alaska golden king crab legs and claws are the number one gift choice of shoppers at 10th & M Seafoods in Anchorage this holiday season. 10th & M is shipping the gift, for $365 including shipping to points all over Alaska and the rest of the country, said manager Tito Marquez. Photo by Margaret Bauman

Seafood aficionados have stepped up to purchase their favorite wild Alaska seafood for the holiday season, according to fishmongers from Anchorage to Seattle. 

Sales have been brisk and normal for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays at 10th & M Seafoods in Anchorage, where boxes of five pounds of jumbo golden king crab legs and claws are priced at $365, for shipping overnight via FedEx anywhere in the Lower 48 states. Orders have been coming in steadily, including some for the Anchorage area, said manager Tito Marquez. 

The seafood shop’s second hottest holiday gift is the Alaska Seafood Combo. It includes two pounds of large red king crab legs, two pounds of frozen halibut fillet, two pounds of frozen sockeye salmon fillets and a pound of smoked red salmon, all for $320, including overnight shipping by FedEx. 

Cordova’s Sena Sea had several offerings of king and sockeye salmon available, but much of their product line has been sold out for nearly two weeks already.  

At Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle the most sought after holiday seafood gift has been Alaska king salmon, at $39.99 a pound, followed by bairdi crab, at $29.99 a pound. Halibut at $34.99 a pound has also been popular, said fishmongers at the world-famous seafood market. Those prices do not include shipping. 

Alaskans also have the option of gift purchases of gift packaged smoked wild Alaska seafood, from a variety of businesses where purchases are available in the shop and/or online. 


Online Anchorage seafood purveyor FishEx was offering flash frozen red king crab at $70.95 a pound, Bering Sea red king crab legs for $36.95 a pound and giant snow crab for 438.96 a pound — but those prices did not include shipping costs. 

Salmon Sisters in Homer has portions of five or 10 pounds of sockeye salmon fillets, from $199 to $329 — but again the prices did not include shipping costs.