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PWSRAC seeks project applications

Applications for projects to enhance forest ecosystems or restore and improve land health and water quality within Chugach National Forest are being sought through...

New technology tracks shorebird migration in time for Shorebird Festival

For thousands of years, the Copper River Delta’s rich mudflats, teeming with insects, aquatic invertebrates, and mollusks, have attracted millions of shorebirds each spring.Yet...

Wolves emerge in darkness to harvest Tongass salmon

It was past midnight one night in August 2018 that the film crew and their Alaskan guides, out shooting for a Netflix documentary series called “Night on Earth,” found themselves sitting in the dark surrounded by wolves.

Vessel captain sentenced for pollutant discharge

A commercial fishing boat captain from Washington state has been sentenced for unlawful discharge of eight tons of sandblast waste into Sumner Strait between Wrangell and Petersburg in Southeast Alaska.

Use extra vigilance around wildlife in springtime

It’s important to be safe around wildlife all year long, but spring is a particularly important time.

Cordova troopers participate in DPS rural trooper training

During the first week of April, the Department of Public Safety held its first Rural Trooper Training and saw participation from Alaska State Troopers...

Prepare now to avoid bear issues this summer

With springtime in Alaska on the horizon, or already here in some areas, it’s time for spring cleaning to prevent issues with bears.According to...

New technology enhances search and rescue operations

Two A-Star helicopters used by Alaska State troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers for search and rescue operations are now equipped with hardware and software...

Heinbaugh brings years of experience to wildlife trooper post

Veteran law enforcement officer Joshua Heinbaugh, hired at the beginning of the year as an Alaska Wildlife Troopers sergeant, says he hopes to improve...
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