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COVID infections climbing, less than 50% of Alaskans fully vaccinated

Thousands of people in Alaska continue to test positive for COVID-19 variants each week, and the death toll climbs, while the overall percentage of fully vaccinated people remains below 60% of the eligible population over the age of 5.

COVID case numbers continue to climb

Pandemic infection counts continue to rise, with Alaska remaining on red alert, and federal health officials warning that the nation is likely to see...

Chamber, city announced vaccination incentive program

The Cordova Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the city of Cordova, has launched a Cordova VaxCash Raffle using the same Cordova Cash Card platform through which Cordova residents received their local stimulus payment in 2020.

Alaska Vaccine Assessment Program renewed

Legislators have approved renewal of the state’s immunization program in the Department of Health and Social Services, which was set to expire on Jan. 1, 2021.

Two shots of protection against shingles

Q: Is the shingles vaccine a good idea? A: Short answer: Yes, if you are over 50 years old.Long answer: Shingles is a disease cause...
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