Friday, July 19, 2024

Tag: Symphony of Seafood

Fish Factor: Alaska seafood industry wants Russia’s seafood out of US

“If they don’t buy from us, we shouldn’t buy from them,” Alaska’s seafood industry has grumbled since 2014 when Russia abruptly banned all food imports from the U.S and several other countries. Then, as now, the face-off stemmed from Russia’s invasion and subsequent takeover of chunks of Ukraine which prompted backlash and severe sanctions.

Pacific salmon chowder is the People’s Choice

A smoked salmon chowder of wild Alaska sockeye salmon in a blend of potatoes, corn, celery and carrots in a creamy savory sauce was...

Fish Factor: Seafood Symphony attracts eclectic entries

Candied salmon ice cream … poke snack kits … salmon bisque baby food … fish skin tote bags and pet oils ... Those are among...

Salmon ice cream competes in Symphony of Seafood

Competition in the Alaska Symphony of Seafood has had a variety of wild Alaska salmon entries over the years, but never before ice cream. Yes,...