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Processors plan to purchase 52M Bristol Bay salmon in 2022

Commercial salmon processors have advised the Alaska Department of Fish and Game via the 2022 preseason processor capacity survey that they are ready to purchase 52 million fish in 2022, with a daily processing capacity of 3 million salmon.

Bristol Bay fishermen launch new campaign

Bristol Bay commercial fishermen have launched two new campaigns aimed at protecting the world’s largest sockeye salmon run from potential adverse impacts of mining.

Copper River forecast: 928,000 sockeyes

State fisheries biologists are forecasting another challenging year for commercial harvesters of wild Copper River sockeye salmon, but a better than average even year harvest of wild pink salmon in Prince William Sound.

Wild pink salmon came in stronger than expected

Prince William Sound’s 2021 commercial salmon fishery proved challenging in the midst of a second year of the global novel coronavirus pandemic and increasing climate change, with harvesters delivering nearly 70 million salmon valued at an estimated $121.49 million.

Fish Factor: Sockeye salmon prices near record highs, boosting harvester paychecks

Strong global and U.S. demand for sockeye salmon has pushed prices to near record highs and boosted fishermen’s paychecks.

Copper River District sockeye returns too weak to open fishery

After a valiant commercial start that yielded far below the forecast in sockeyes and Chinooks, the Copper River salmon fishery has been closed pending a boost in the sonar count, leaving harvesters wondering when the next opener will come.

Copper River salmon harvest flows into marketplace

Happy days are here again for seafood aficionados hankering for a taste of fresh Copper River sockeye and Chinook salmon.

Fish Factor: Panhandle joins in recycling of fishing nets

The Panhandle plans to be the next Alaska region to give new life to old fishing gear by sending it to plastic recycling centers....

Salmon forecast looks pretty encouraging

In the wake of a 2018 fishing season that left many scraping to get through the winter, forecasts for the upcoming commercial season bode...

GOA expedition seeks to understand climate change impact on salmon

An international expedition focused on better understanding how climate change is impacting salmon in the Gulf of Alaska is underway through mid-March, with a...
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