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Wolverine wrestlers finish season on a high note

Wrestling has to be one of the most challenging and demanding sports of all, and Cordova’s grapplers were rewarded for their efforts by sending a remarkable five out of nine wrestlers to this year’s state tournament.

Letter: Thank you for the Fish to School program

Thanks to everyone who shared their time to help the 5th graders learn more about the role of salmon in our local economy.

Copper River opener set for May 16

With less than a week until the Copper River salmon fishery opens, on May 16, the excitement as already spread far beyond Prince William Sound.

Tanner crab harvesters offered more fishing opportunity

Harvesters in the Prince William Sound Area Commissioner’s Permit tanner crab fishery are getting a season extension, to compensate for stormy weather conditions that...

Pacific halibut season opens

Pacific halibut season is off and running statewide in Alaska, with U.S. fishermen having an 82.3 percent or 23.4 million-pound share of the 2019...

13-foot antler tree brightens Copper River Highway

Trees firmly rooted in residential and surrounding areas often fight a losing battle against Cordova’s ravaging windstorms. Now imagine a hearty 13-foot tree made...

Eyak Inn closes for the season

The Eyak Inn is switching to a seasonal business schedule, and will close on Oct. 1, with plans to reopen in early spring.According to...

CRS celebrates salmon’s arrival

Copper River Seafoods partnered with 49th State Brewing Co. in Anchorage for a community kick-off party to celebrate the start of Alaska’s summer salmon...

Copper River fresh: first fish meets fanfare in Seattle

This year's first commercial Copper River salmon opener was on Thursday, May 17. By Friday, May 18, those in Seattle received their first Copper...
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