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Fish Factor: Tanner crab harvesters will get $8.10 a pound

$8.10 per pound! That’s the jaw-dropping advance price being paid to Kodiak fishermen for Tanner crab in the fishery that opened Jan. 15.

Fish Factor: Alaska’s seafood sales top $3 billion annually

Seafood is Alaska’s top export by far, usually topping $3 billion in sales each year to 120 countries around the world, and comprising 55...

Copper River salmon sales are hot

From gourmet restaurant entrees to Costco roadshows, Alaska is rolling out the red carpet again for Copper River salmon.Copper River sockeye entrees, with rice...

Salmon sales near $29 million for first quarter

Sales of frozen headed and gutted pink and chum salmon, frozen sockeye fillets, and canned halves and talls of pink salmon from Prince William...
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