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New Biden sanctions plug passage of Russian seafood into U.S. 

An executive order signed by President Joe Biden aims to put a stop to the import of any Russian seafood into the U.S., including...

Dermot Cole: Dunleavy bill on Russian ‘profiteering’ by financial companies is...

Dermot Cole writes: A new bill by Gov. Mike Dunleavy might appear to be an honest expression of indignation about private companies attempting to earn a profit in Russia despite the unprovoked attack on Ukraine. But closer inspection shows that Senate Bill 235 is little more than a slapdash campaign ad, printed and promoted at state expense.

Alaska Legislature stands with Ukraine

Alaska legislators are taking a strong stand in demanding Russia immediately cease all hostilities against Ukraine and urging that at a national level the...

Trade war, COVID and now Ukraine invasion eat into Alaska seafood...

First a trade war, then a battle against an infectious virus and now a real war are all affecting Alaska seafood exports. Shipments to China fell from as high as 30% of Alaska’s total seafood export value in the 2010s to 20% in 2020. “The U.S.-China trade war has displaced $500 million of Alaska seafood,” Jeremy Woodrow, executive director of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, told legislators last week.

Commentary: Alaska cannot afford to sit out this war

Larry Persily writes: The state of Alaska, Congress and the president, individual companies and people do not all have the same capabilities and authority to show their disgust and dismay at Russia’s unprovoked, murderous attack on Ukraine, a sovereign nation at war with no one until Russian President Vladimir Putin decided he had to prove that he is the toughest, meanest kid on the planet.

Bill would ban Russian seafood imports

Legislation introduced by Alaska Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan would ban the import of all Russian Seafood into the United States in response to Russia’s 2014 ban of import of seafood from the U.S. and other western countries seafood products.

Pan-Pacific salmon research project begins

A Pan-Pacific salmon research expedition supported by five nations is slated to get underway between late January and mid-February, to learn more about the impact on salmon due to climate change in the North Pacific Ocean.

Fish Factor: Still no ban on Russian seafood imports

Lost in the headlines about the hits to seafood sales from the Trump administration’s trade war with China is another international barrier with Russia that’s been going on far longer.

Strong showings for young crab in upcoming Bristol Bay fishery

Bering Sea crabbers saw upticks in crab recruits during a good fishery for the 2018/2019 season, along with strong prices.

GOA expedition seeks to understand climate change impact on salmon

An international expedition focused on better understanding how climate change is impacting salmon in the Gulf of Alaska is underway through mid-March, with a...
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