Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Tag: right of way

Ahtna, state agree to 100-foot right-of-way

Ahtna Inc. has reached an agreement with the state of Alaska that there is a 100-foot right-of-way along the length of Brenwick-Craig Road west of Copper Center starting at the New Richardson Highway and extending to the end of the road at Klutina Lake.

Court orders clarification on campaign advertising

State Department of Transportation officials have been ordered to clarify how laws restricting outdoor advertising will be applied during the current campaign season to...

Law prohibits campaign ads on public rights-of-way

Alaska’s Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is reminding those engaged in political campaigns statewide that political advertising is prohibited along public rights-of-way. Alaska residents...

Follow state law in posting campaign signs

State transportation officials have issued a reminder as the campaign season gets underway that there is a prohibition against placing signs along or within...