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Parallel Pacific Cod longliner season closes in PWS; opens in state...

The Prince William Sound Area parallel Pacific cod season closed on March 15, coinciding with the federal closure of the Pacific cod less than 50 feet in length hook and line gear sector in federal Gulf of Alaska waters, the PWS parallel Pacific cod season remains open to vessels using gig gear.

Fish Factor: Halibut, sablefish and Tanner crab fisheries underway

March means more fishing boats are out on the water with the start of the Pacific halibut and sablefish (black cod) fisheries on March 6, followed by Alaska’s first big herring fishery at Sitka Sound. A Tanner crab fishery kicked off on March 1 at Prince William Sound with a 61,800-pound catch limit. It could run through March 31 unless the quota is taken earlier.

Copper River forecast: 928,000 sockeyes

State fisheries biologists are forecasting another challenging year for commercial harvesters of wild Copper River sockeye salmon, but a better than average even year harvest of wild pink salmon in Prince William Sound.

Copper River, PWS fisheries approved for disaster relief

Copper River and Prince William Sound salmon fisheries are among 14 Alaska fisheries disasters from 2018 to 2021 approved on Jan. 21 by Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo for relief funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Vessels sought for PWS Tanner crab test fishery

State fisheries officials are accepting bids through noon on Feb. 17 for vessels to conduct a test fishery using pot gear to harvest up to 30,000 pounds of Tanner crab in the Prince William Sound area.

Wild pink salmon came in stronger than expected

Prince William Sound’s 2021 commercial salmon fishery proved challenging in the midst of a second year of the global novel coronavirus pandemic and increasing climate change, with harvesters delivering nearly 70 million salmon valued at an estimated $121.49 million.

Parallel P-cod seasons: one ends, another begins

The Prince William Sound area parallel Pacific cod season for pot, jig and longline vessels (less than 50 feet in length) gear closes at midnight on Friday, Dec. 31, and the 2022 parallel Pacific cod season then immediately opens to vessels using pot, jig and longline gear at 12:01 a.m. Jan 1.

Bids sought for Pollock test fishery

Bids are being accepted through Jan. 7 by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for a vessel to conduct a test fishery using pelagic trawl to harvest up to 900,000 pounds of walleye Pollock in registration Area E of Prince William Sound.

Fish Factor: PWS fisheries board meeting set for March 30-April 5...

Many Alaska fishermen are likely to be involved in regulatory meetings next spring instead of being out on the water. And Alaska legislators will be distracted by hearings for hundreds of unconfirmed appointments as they tackle contentious budgets and other pressing issues.

Copper River salmon harvest flows into marketplace

Happy days are here again for seafood aficionados hankering for a taste of fresh Copper River sockeye and Chinook salmon.
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