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Oil exploration in Arctic Refuge on hold for now

A U.S. District Court decision upholding a Biden administration stand against opening the coastal plain of the Arctic Nation Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) for oil...

Time is now to resolve Alaska’s great contradictions

We have the largest reserves of natural gas and renewable energy potential in the United States, yet we have the second-highest energy costs in the nation, Gov. Mike Dunleavy writes.

Commentary: Alaska cannot afford to sit out this war

Larry Persily writes: The state of Alaska, Congress and the president, individual companies and people do not all have the same capabilities and authority to show their disgust and dismay at Russia’s unprovoked, murderous attack on Ukraine, a sovereign nation at war with no one until Russian President Vladimir Putin decided he had to prove that he is the toughest, meanest kid on the planet.

Legislators cautious of overreliance on high oil prices

In a break from past practice, the Alaska Department of Revenue this year will provide monthly updates to legislators whenever projected oil prices — and state revenues — move up or down more than 10%.

Letter to the Editor: Alaska deserves a fair cut of oil...

Alaskans should reject oil corporations' false promises and vote yes on Ballot Measure 1, writes Bill Hall.

DNR says Cassandra Energy project is not in state’s best interest

Alaska Department of Natural Resources officials have reversed their preliminary decision on the proposed Cassandra Energy Corporation’s Gulf of Alaska oil and gas exploration permit application, finding that issuing a permit is not in the best interests of the state.“In these trying times it is extraordinary to receive such a wise decision from Alaska's Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil and Gas,” said Carol Hoover, executive director of the Eyak Preservation Council. “The city of Cordova, the Cordova community, the fisherman, all spoke up and their voices were heard. As was their respect for all of the wild salmon and creatures that thrive in these pristine wild watersheds.”

PWSRCAC elects Archibald president

Board members of the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council have elected city of Homer representative Robert Archibald as president, and former president Amanda Bauer, representative for the city of Valdez, as vice president.

Research finds fisheries are becoming more specialized

University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers have released a new study that concludes that participation in the state’s fisheries has dropped and that fishermen are...

Letter to the Editor: PWS, GOA never fully recovered from spill

Dear Editor,Studies have shown that Prince William Sound and Gulf of Alaska beaches and wildlife have never fully recovered from the Exxon Valdez spill....

Plan to grab fish taxes doesn’t impress Senate committee

None of the members of the Senate Community and Regional Affairs committee live near the sea, but at a recent hearing they were not...
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