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Fish Factor: New legislation would enhance salmon research

An Alaska Salmon Research Task Force Act was introduced in Congress last week by Alaska Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan that, if passed, aims to gain better understanding about causes of salmon declines, especially in the Northwest regions.

Copper River salmon hits market, restaurants

Copper River salmon is back on the market and in restaurants from Anchorage to Seattle and beyond, in the wake of the first 12-hour opener of the Copper River fishery, which yielded an estimated 2,266 Chinooks and 19,683 sockeyes.

GAPP announces wild Alaska Pollock promotions

A trade association out to make wild Alaska Pollock a popular menu ingredient is partnering with Trident Seafoods, Fishpeople and True North Seafood on a variety of ready to cook and serve options featuring the mild flavored whitefish.

Orca Adventures, then and now

Nestled around the corner from Cordova, Orca Adventure Lodge is a shining example of what energy, creativity and perseverance can do.

Tips for successful Aurora hunting

I’ve been asked many times the best way to find/see the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, in the Cordova area.

The Rice Brothers perform at North Star Theatre

The Rice Brothers, Johnny and Chris Rice, perform at North Star Theatre at the Cordova Center on Sunday, Apirl 28, 2019.
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