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Comment extension deadline requested on GOA Chinook salmon litigation

State fisheries officials have asked National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to extend the deadline for comments on a petition from a Seattle-based environmental group...

Unit 6B moose hunt ends

State game officials, citing a confirmed take of 22 bull moose, opted to close the Unit 6B registration permit hunt RM164 by emergency order...

Large catcher vessels’ cod catch restricted in Central GOA

Federal fisheries officials have issued a temporary closure through Dec. 31 on retention of Pacific cod by catcher vessels 50 feet or grater in...

Jig gear banned from direct fishing in western Gulf

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) last week announced a ban through Dec. 31 on directed fishing for Pacific cod by vessels using jig gear...

Navy announced change in Gulf Alaska training activities

Navy officials have prepared a supplement to the December 2020 Gulf of Alaska Navy training plan known as Exercise Northern Edge.

Navy: More space needed to maneuver during Northern Edge

U.S. Navy officials seeking more space for maneuvering vessels and aircraft during Northern Edge training exercises in Alaska say they are preparing a supplemental environmental impact statement/overseas environmental impact statement.

NOAA researcher: Goal is to offer seafood harvesters more resilience to...

Social scientist Marysia Szymkowiak’s research focus with Gulf of Alaska seafood harvesters is a lot of talk: telephone interviews and virtual workshops to learn how they feel their coastal communities can best adapt to climate change.

Cool phase forecast out for GOA in 2022

Even as the Gulf of Alaska concludes a second consecutive non-marine heatwave year, with average ocean temperatures on the surface and at depth, impacts of four years of marine heatwave period are continuing to impact the Gulf ecosystem.

Comment now on GOA Pollock, cod allocations

Federal fisheries managers are accepting comments now in advance of a vote in early June in Sitka on management adjustments for Gulf of Alaska Pollock and Pacific cod season allocation.

NE19 vessel visit and Power Creek Road improvements

As the U.S. Pacific Command and Alaskan Command’s Northern Edge 2019 exercise approaches, steps to address community concerns have begun.
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