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Fish Factor: ASMI updates snapshot of Alaska fisheries

Where do most Alaska fishermen live? Which Alaska region is home to the most fishing boats? The answers can be found in an easy to read, colorful economic report by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute for 2019/2020 that includes all regions from Ketchikan to Kotzebue.

NOAA researcher: Goal is to offer seafood harvesters more resilience to...

Social scientist Marysia Szymkowiak’s research focus with Gulf of Alaska seafood harvesters is a lot of talk: telephone interviews and virtual workshops to learn how they feel their coastal communities can best adapt to climate change.

Copper River District sockeye returns too weak to open fishery

After a valiant commercial start that yielded far below the forecast in sockeyes and Chinooks, the Copper River salmon fishery has been closed pending a boost in the sonar count, leaving harvesters wondering when the next opener will come.

‘This is it’: Cordova fishermen tell harrowing tales of trip home...

Bill Markowitz has been commercial fishing for over 30 years.But he figured his time was up May 23 when a giant wave caught his 27-foot gillnet...

Promising news on pink salmon disaster relief funds

As the season is either underway or close at hand for many of you, I wanted to provide a short update about where we are with the 2016 pink salmon disaster relief funding.

Superior court judge tosses out lawsuit against BBRSDA

An Alaska Superior Court judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association on grounds that plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that the BBRSDA’s acts are outside the scope of its powers as a nonprofit corporation.

UFA names Kelley as executive administrator

United Fishermen of Alaska has announced the appointment, effective in June, of Scott Kelley as the trade association’s new executive administrator.

School’s out, CDFU meeting, Cordova Cleanup

Cordova Public Library is hosting a School’s Out Party featuring the animated feature film, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”.

Superior Court weighs legality on funds spent opposing mine

An Alaska Superior Court decision is anticipated shortly in litigation challenging the right of a regional seafood development association to use funds derived from a self-assessed tax of members to oppose the propose a massive mine in Southwest Alaska.

Dunleavy acknowledges transboundary mines threat

Southeast Alaska entities concerned about the potential threat to salmon habitat from British Columbia’s transboundary mines are applauding Gov. Mike Dunleavy for taking the first step toward addressing the issue.
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