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Southeast finfish/shellfish meeting set for Anchorage

Alaska Board of Fisheries members, citing pandemic concerns, have voted to stick by an earlier decision to hold the Southeast and Yakutat finfish and shellfish meeting at the Egan Center in Anchorage from March 10-22, rather than Ketchikan.

BOF Southeast meeting set for March 10-22 in Anchorage

Alaska Board of Fisheries officials have rescheduled the Southeast and Yakutat shellfish and finfish meeting for March 10-22 in Anchorage.

BOF puts Ketchikan meeting on hold due to COVID

Concerns over the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus have prompted the Alaska Board of Fisheries to postpone a meeting scheduled for Jan. 4-15 in Ketchikan to a later date. The meeting will address Southeast and Yakutat finfish and shellfish issues.

Wild pink salmon came in stronger than expected

Prince William Sound’s 2021 commercial salmon fishery proved challenging in the midst of a second year of the global novel coronavirus pandemic and increasing climate change, with harvesters delivering nearly 70 million salmon valued at an estimated $121.49 million.

Young takes aim at offshore fish farms

In his 46 years as Alaska’s lone representative in Congress, Rep. Don Young helped toss out foreign fishing fleets from Alaska’s waters with the onset of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act in 1976, and today he is intent on doing the same with offshore fish farms.

Alaska Board of Fisheries meets Jan. 15-19

Sixty-eight proposals related to Arctic, Yukon and Kuskokwim finfish and other supplemental issues are on the agenda for the Alaska Board of Fisheries meeting...

Fishing industry says no to net pen finfish

A group of fish harvesters and seafood industry entities is urging Congress to oppose attempts to legitimize open net pen finfish aquaculture, as proposed...

NOAA plan to boost aquaculture production criticized

NOAA Fisheries’ strategic plan to develop sustainable marine aquaculture is drawing criticism from commercial fishermen and environmentalists who argue it’s the problem rather than...

Bristol Bay finfish meeting set for Dillingham

Bristol Bay finfish issues will be on the table in Dillingham when the Alaska Board of Fisheries meets Nov. 28 through Dec. 3.During the...

Alaska Board of Fisheries adds Pacific cod meeting

The Alaska Board of Fisheries has rescheduled its October work session and added a new meeting to address Pacific cod proposals, in order to...
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