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Peter Pan Seafoods is back as a U.S. owned seafood processor

Sale of Peter Pan Seafoods by Japan’s Maruha Nichiro Corp. to American buyers has been completed, with the new, vertically integrated seafood company emerging as New Peter Pan.

DOL: Recovery may take several years

In the wake of a long statewide recession, followed by a year of weak growth in the midst of a raging pandemic, state labor officials see a light at the end of the economic tunnel, but it’s going to take a while to get there.

Letter to the Editor: God bless Father Tom

Candie Wells reminisces about Father Tom Killeen's enthusiasm, generosity and community-mindedness.

Fish Factor: Best/worst highlights of 2020 fisheries

This year marks the 30th year that the weekly Fish Factor column has appeared in newspapers across Alaska and nationally. Every year it features “picks and pans” for Alaska’s seafood industry — a no-holds-barred look back at some of the year’s best and worst fishing highlights, and my choice for the biggest fish story of the year.

Dunleavy administration stands by claim of Permanent Fund growth

Dunleavy administration officials say the numbers cited by Gov. Mike Dunleavy on earnings of the Alaska Permanent Fund, numbers cited as financial distortion by investigative journalist Dermot Cole, are backed up by the Permanent Funds own financial statements.

Commentary: Alaska newspapers fail to correct biggest financial distortion in state...

Dermot Cole writes: Nearly every newspaper in Alaska printed a press release in December from Gov. Mike Dunleavy that contains the biggest financial distortion in the history of Alaska. He overstated the 2020 earnings of the Alaska Permanent Fund by $7 billion for self-serving and short-term political purposes, the kind of thinking that will lead to a dissipation of the fund’s assets.

Bids in on oil, gas lease sale in ANWR

Trump administration officials and Alaska’s congressional delegation hailed the first ever oil and gas lease sale for the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, Jan. 6, as a success. Opponents, including the Gwitch’in Steering Committee, vowed to keep up their legal battle to halt such activity on sacred lands.

Cordova Chronicles: When Wolves almost became Hoosiers

Basketball is king in Alaska, with young hoopsters from the smallest village to the largest metropolis dreaming of playing for a state title under the shining lights of Anchorage’s biggest arena.

67% of ‘Cordova Cash’ spent

“If there was a way to keep the program going, we would do it, because I like the fact that we were able to push resources into our business community,” City Manager Helen Howarth said. “I’m hopeful that, maybe, people will pick up some good habits from this program.”

AMSEA will host first aid, CPR training

Register online now for the mariner’s first aid and CPR/AED class will be offered in Sitka on Jan. 23 by the Alaska Marine Safety Education Association.
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