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Large catcher vessels’ cod catch restricted in Central GOA

Federal fisheries officials have issued a temporary closure through Dec. 31 on retention of Pacific cod by catcher vessels 50 feet or grater in...

Bering Sea is focus of NOAA effort to accelerate science delivery...

The Bering Sea is home to some of the nation’s largest and most profitable commercial fisheries, including Alaskan pollock and Pacific cod. It's also one of the fastest warming parts of the world, with fish stocks becoming increasingly vulnerable to marine heat waves, the loss of sea ice, low-oxygen waters, harmful algal blooms, and other conditions that stress species, ecosystems, and economies.

Parallel Pacific Cod longliner season closes in PWS; opens in state...

The Prince William Sound Area parallel Pacific cod season closed on March 15, coinciding with the federal closure of the Pacific cod less than 50 feet in length hook and line gear sector in federal Gulf of Alaska waters, the PWS parallel Pacific cod season remains open to vessels using gig gear.

Fish Factor: Halibut, sablefish and Tanner crab fisheries underway

March means more fishing boats are out on the water with the start of the Pacific halibut and sablefish (black cod) fisheries on March 6, followed by Alaska’s first big herring fishery at Sitka Sound. A Tanner crab fishery kicked off on March 1 at Prince William Sound with a 61,800-pound catch limit. It could run through March 31 unless the quota is taken earlier.

New restrictions would cut halibut bycatch in groundfish fisheries

A six-year battle over the incidental catch of an estimated 2.8 million pounds of halibut annually by trawlers in the Bering Sea has prompted federal fisheries managers to put new regulations in place to curb that harvest by up to 35 percent.

Fish Factor: Collapsible pots keep whales off of black cod catch

Light-weight collapsible pots prevent whales from pirating pricey black cod from longline hooks and give a break to small boats.

Comment now on GOA Pollock, cod allocations

Federal fisheries managers are accepting comments now in advance of a vote in early June in Sitka on management adjustments for Gulf of Alaska Pollock and Pacific cod season allocation.

Price of fish has big impact on Alaska economy

Why should every Alaskan budget watcher care about the price of fish?Because when the price at the docks goes up by just one penny,...

Regulations for P-cod deliveries tightened for GOA, BSAI

Federal fisheries regulators have tightened catcher processor mothership restrictions for delivery of Pacific cod in the Gulf of Alaska and Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands.In final...

E&E Foods to purchase APICDA subsidiary

Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association has announced plans to sell its subsidiary Cannon Fish Co. to E&E Foods, a leader in the seafood...
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