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NOAA study begins of whether Chinook salmon need ESA protections 

A federal study is underway to determine if Endangered Species Act protections are warranted for Gulf of Alaska Chinook salmon. Such protection for the...

Tribes urge Commerce Department to eliminate Chinook bycatch

Tribal entities representing thousands of western Alaska Natives are calling on Commerce Secretary Gina Marie Raimondo to take emergency action to eliminate the incidental catch of Chinook salmon and set a cap on chum salmon bycatch in the Bering Sea Pollock trawl fishery for the 2022 fishery.

Fish Factor: Pollock down, Pacific cod up in allowable 2022 harvests

Fisheries are driven by numbers and there will be more ups than downs in 2022 catches for Alaska fishermen based on poundages set by the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Copper River District sockeye returns too weak to open fishery

After a valiant commercial start that yielded far below the forecast in sockeyes and Chinooks, the Copper River salmon fishery has been closed pending a boost in the sonar count, leaving harvesters wondering when the next opener will come.

Young takes aim at offshore fish farms

In his 46 years as Alaska’s lone representative in Congress, Rep. Don Young helped toss out foreign fishing fleets from Alaska’s waters with the onset of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act in 1976, and today he is intent on doing the same with offshore fish farms.

Fish Factor: Panhandle joins in recycling of fishing nets

The Panhandle plans to be the next Alaska region to give new life to old fishing gear by sending it to plastic recycling centers....

GOA expedition seeks to understand climate change impact on salmon

An international expedition focused on better understanding how climate change is impacting salmon in the Gulf of Alaska is underway through mid-March, with a...

Seafood, marine oils may reduce number of premature births

Premature birth is the leading cause of death for children under 5 years old worldwide, accounting for nearly 1 million deaths annually. Now there...

Conservation measures planned for SE Chinooks

Extensive conservation measures will be in effect through the duration of Chinook salmon runs for the Stikine and Taku rivers in 2019, due to...

Warm water was big driver in historically low harvest

In a year woefully down on commercial salmon harvests, the Copper River catch proved the second lowest in 100 years, while the statewide catch...
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