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ASLC publishes beluga rehabilitation report

Researchers at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward have published their experiences in the care of two beluga calves in the journal Polar Research, a report that includes the successful rehabilitation of a young whale named Tyonek.

Land clearing begins for new science center campus

Land clearing has begun in preparation for the construction of Prince William Sound Science Center’s new campus.

New weather buoys anchored in Port Valdez

A new weather buoy has been anchored at Port Valdez to collect data to improve understanding of the meteorological and physical oceanographic environment at the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company Valdez Marine Terminal and Valdez Duck Flats.

Ahtna, state agree to 100-foot right-of-way

Ahtna Inc. has reached an agreement with the state of Alaska that there is a 100-foot right-of-way along the length of Brenwick-Craig Road west of Copper Center starting at the New Richardson Highway and extending to the end of the road at Klutina Lake.

CFRC begins summer art program

The Cordova Family Resource Center has announced the start of its Summer Art Program, beginning May 28 and running through Aug. 9 at CFRC at 509 1st Street, Cordova.

1 dead, 2 rescued in PWS plane crash

Rescuers from the Coast Guard, Alaska Air National Guard and good Samaritans responded to a downed aircraft with three people on board in Prince William Sound in the area of Cascade Bay, 20 miles southwest of Valdez today, Tuesday, May 21.

ASLC caring for young bearded seal pup

A very young bearded seal pup found alone on the shores of Shaktoolik in early April is now under the care of the Alaska Sealife Center in Seward, where she is being fed by bottle a special formula created just for her.

Teens address prom issues by hosting ‘Get Ready with Me’

Small clouds of hairspray lingered in the air as colorful shadows were on dusted eyelids amid conversations of graduation plans and career goals.

The Rice Brothers perform at North Star Theatre

The Rice Brothers, Johnny and Chris Rice, perform at North Star Theatre at the Cordova Center on Sunday, Apirl 28, 2019.

17 years strong, 2×2 Cancer Walk supports community

Skinny white candles sat on a small table in the center of the room where, one-by-one, they were lit in honor of those who...
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