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Alaska Airlines expands freighter fleet

Alaska Air Cargo is boosting its freighter fleet from three to five aircraft to meet growing demands in its cargo business.

Copper River salmon headed for Anchorage, Seattle

Commercial harvesters were headed for the fishing grounds, while commercial pilots were preparing to load up fresh catch kings and sockeyes in the wake of the celebrated Copper River salmon opener May 16.

First passenger jet configured for cargo unveiled in Alaska

ANCHORAGE — The first-ever passenger jet converted for cargo use was unveiled Monday in Alaska, and the arrival spells the end for a unique...

No more flying with reindeer: Unique Alaska planes to retire

ANCHORAGE — Claire Richardson remembers taking off in an airplane uniquely configured for Alaska when a horrible smell seeped into the passenger area.The captain...

Alaska Airlines construction begins Feb. 24

Alaska Airlines will begin extensive remodeling of its Cordova airport terminal on Feb. 24, a project expected to take about two weeks, and cause...

Coast Guard assists in rescue of cargo vessel in GOA

A Coast Guard rescue crew assisted in a multi-day Gulf of Alaska rescue and safe transit incident involving a 400-foot cargo vessel with 12...
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