Tag: Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

More Cordova residents test positive for COVID

A rapid increase is being tabulated by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services of residents testing position for the novel coronavirus, as the omicron variant spreads through the state, and federal authorities rush to provide free at-home rapid COVID antigen tests to everyone.

848 new cases of COVID-19 in Alaska

Eight hundred and 48 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Alaska from Dec. 24 through Monday, Dec. 27, including one in Cordova and five in the Copper River census area.

COVID-19 information now available in 8 Native languages

A new website launched to provide culturally relevant, informative information about COVID-19 vaccine is now live in eight Alaska Native languages at anthc.org/covid-19-vaccine-materials-in-alaska-native-languages.

Addiction services expanded for Alaska

Efforts of the Walker administration to expand treatment options for those with opioid addictions have paid off in federal approval of a waiver from...

Costs of medical services must now be posted

Senate Bill 105, signed into law on Aug. 6 by Gov. Bill Walker, includes a requirement that all providers and facilities post the cost...

Free Narcan kits available at Ilanka Community Health Center

Naloxone, sold commercially as Narcan, saved at least 67 lives in Alaska last year, by temporarily blocking or reversing effects of opioids on parts...
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