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Commentary: To save our democracy

Kevin McGee writes: January 2022 marks the one-year anniversary of the greatest internal threat our democracy has ever faced: A carefully planned attempt to overturn a Presidential election, which included plotting from high-ranking officials and unleashing a violent mob that invaded the U.S. Capitol.

Young takes aim at offshore fish farms

In his 46 years as Alaska’s lone representative in Congress, Rep. Don Young helped toss out foreign fishing fleets from Alaska’s waters with the onset of the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act in 1976, and today he is intent on doing the same with offshore fish farms.

H.R. 2467 would restrict aquaculture operations

Legislation introduced in Congress by Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, would keep commercial finfish aquaculture operations out of the federal exclusive economic zone unless specifically authorized by Congress.

Murkowski pushes for U.S. mineral security

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, says that foreign mineral dependence is a threat to the nation’s ability to create jobs in America.“It threatens our growth,...

Gold Star Families Voices Act passes Senate

Legislation authorizing the Library of Congress Veterans History Project was passed the U.S. Senate on Nov. 15, and now awaits the signature of President...

NATIVE Act signed into law

Legislation to integrate Native tourism, empower Native communities and expand cultural tourism opportunities was signed into law on Sept. 26 by President Obama.The Native...
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