Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Tanner crab devoured during celebration dinner

Local fishermen, cannery employees and government officials celebrated Cordova’s first Tanner crab fishery in 30 years with plates of fresh crab, shared with friends, family and coworkers. A celebration dinner was held for the “parties responsible for advocating for and executing the fishery” said Mayor Clay Koplin of the private event. The warm sun, now shinning bright well past 6 p.m.,...

Culture Week engages, inspires Mt. Eccles students

On the final day of this year’s Indigenous People’s Culture Week at Mt. Eccles Elementary school, elder Bob Ladd told a story first shared with him by an uncle who grew up in the village of Nuchek on Hinchinbrook Island. In 1918, the flu epidemic forced the residents of Nuchek and many other neighboring villages to move to Cordova. Ladd...

Community events welcome in the Christmas season

Cordova’s Christmas festivities kicked off on the evening of Dec. 2, with the arrival of Santa Claus, in a sleigh accompanied by the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department, making a bold entrance with lights flashing and sirens squawking on their fire trucks. The Cordova Chamber of Commerce welcomed all at  5 p.m., with hot cocoa and other treats. Christmas carols were...

Photo of the Week: Handsome Youngster

This young bull moose browsing for his evening meal just a few miles outside of Cordova July 3. Folks sighting moose along the Copper River Highway between the 6.5 Mile community and the Merle K. “Mudhole” Smith Airport at Mile 13 have reported several cows with small calves, and other young bulls, lately. Photo by Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times

Holiday picture window

View of Odiak Slough out Dick Shellhorn's dining room window on Dec. 6, 2021.

Photo of the Week: Getting the “hang” of it

Jim Holley soars above Cordova in his powered paraglider (PPG) on May 14. Holley has enjoyed paragliding since November of 2016. Photo by Wendy Ranney/for The Cordova Times