Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Eyak Lake View Cordova

Eyak Lake view Cordova is a photographer’s delight, providing eye candy in all directions. This shot was taken from Skater’s Cabin, on the edge of Eyak Lake, last week.

Batter Up

Cordova T-ball players enjoy some summer sun on the softball diamond.

Points for Endurance

Cordova High School’s cross-country team started off their season with a car wash fund-raiser Saturday. They were raising money in the rain for their trips around the state, where they’ll attend cross-country running races. Their first race takes place Aug. 19. The team stuck it out in the pouring rain for three hours in front of the public safety...

Olympic Silvers

This photo has been making a splash among Cordovans on social media, captioned: “The Centurion has three silvers already and the Olympics have barely even started!” From left, Katie Miller, Jack Anderson and Rhoslyn Jennings hold Alaskan-style medals.