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Mushroom forays saved by last-minute rains

Sarah Kathrein searches for mushrooms near the Haystack Trail. (Aug. 31, 2019) Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times
"To me, mushrooms are interesting because there’s always more," said Gabriel Wingard, the 12-year-old co-president of the Turnagain Arm Mycological Society. "No one knows how many there are, because there will always be places where we haven’t looked."

4H buskers raise nearly $1,000 for scholarships

An afternoon of streetside performances by Cordova 4H Music Camp students raised almost $1,000 for camp scholarships. The Bands Around Town event had 114 students playing in Cordova on Friday, July 19.

New boats revive tribal traditions

Thursday, June 13 was an exciting evening at Skater’s Cabin, the atmosphere brimming with pride, laughter and incredible food. Bob and Jackie Ladd fired up the grill just as the rain let up, while a campfire smoked down the hill. A palaaq (canoe), made by Aaraon Bowman and Tina Fox and a qayaaq (kayak), made by Delores Taylorwere staged next to the lake, ready for...

Martinek honored at Copper River Nouveau

Over 75 people turned out June 8 to honor hatchery manager Gary Martinek with a Fisheries Achievement Award in tribute to his over 25 years of pioneering otolith marking techniques and improving sockeye salmon hatchery management practices. Prince William Sound Science Center presented the award before the Copper River Nouveau, its annual fine dining and auction fundraiser at the Cordova Center. Martinek retired about two years...

Kayak Cafe cruises into Cordova

Walking into the Kayak Cafe, one will immediately notice the convergence of old and new: antique wood shiplap walls and a cozy seating area with modern decor and a bright yellow coffee maker.

Cordova High School graduates celebrate

Cordova Jr./Sr. High School awarded 33 students with high school diplomas on Saturday, May 19. Thirteen of those graduated with honors.

The gears will always be turning at Saddle Point Machinery Shop

Cordovans may have noticed the rapid construction of a large frame building on the North Fill beside Jim Poor Avenue. The 6,400-square-foot structure will be the new location of Rob Brown’s Saddle Point Machinery Shop

Anchorage celebrates arrival of Copper River salmon

Copper River Seafoods collaborated once again with chefs from several of Anchorage’s best restaurants to celebrate the 2019 Alaska salmon season kickoff with gourmet appetizers from poke bowls to ceviche, a raw fish dish.

Copper River salmon hits market, restaurants

Copper River salmon is back on the market and in restaurants from Anchorage to Seattle and beyond, in the wake of the first 12-hour opener of the Copper River fishery, which yielded an estimated 2,266 Chinooks and 19,683 sockeyes.

Copper River opener begins with much anticipation

Every spring, there’s a lot of anticipation about the upcoming salmon run, the Prince William Sound and Copper River Salmon forecast, and how the Alaska Department of Fish and Game will manage the fishery.