Photo of the Week

The last day of the ski season at the Mt. Eyak Ski Area with a view of Prince William Sound. Saturday and Sunday marked the final weekend of skiing at Mt. Eyak Ski Area for the season. Photo by Amanda Williams

Photo of the week

Girl Scout Troop 148 hikes in the dark to the reservoir to learn about constellations, astronomy, and light-painting using long exposure photography on Monday, Feb. 20, 2023. A faint green aurora glow can be seen behind the troop.Photo by C. Haisman 

The night when all of Alaska stepped outside to look up

Last Sunday night, Alaskans from all across the state stepped outside to watch a magical aurora borealis show. In parts of the state, the green ribbons began emerging out of the darkness as early as about 8 p.m., and many people were able to see the purple and red lights — which indicate the highest possible level of aurora...

Photos of the week

On Tuesday, Feb. 21, local photographer David Little was gifted with a spectacular display of the northern lights.In the first shot, the aurora borealis is seen nestled in a blanket of stars over the Alaska Marine Highway’s “Aurora” ferry - an especially picturesque backdrop for its namesake vessel.Later on that same evening, Little photographed another breathtaking shot at Cordova...

Photo of the week

The sun sets, displaying rich pink and purple hues as the moon rises above the snowcapped mountains on Thursday, Jan. 5, 2023 in Cordova. Photo by Amanda Williams, The Cordova Times

Our frozen planet

Sheridan Glacier never disappoints with its stunning shades of luminescent blues. Remnants of the last ice age, this glacier provides a wintery playground for all. Photos by Amanda Williams, for the Cordova Times.
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