Prince William Sound harvest reaches 30.9 M fish

Commercial salmon harvests in Prince William Sound have exceeded 30 million fish to date for the 2022 season, which began under sunny skies on...

PWS harvests exceed 69M salmon

Late season harvesters were still pulling in coho salmon in Prince William Sound in mid-September, with the preliminary Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s...

Copper River District sockeye returns too weak to open fishery

After a valiant commercial start that yielded far below the forecast in sockeyes and Chinooks, the Copper River salmon fishery has been closed pending a boost in the sonar count, leaving harvesters wondering when the next opener will come.

Despite some strong production, salmon season still lags

Commercial drift gillnetters and purse seiners delivered an estimated 1.3 million salmon to processors in the Prince William Sound area through Wednesday, July 1, including some 468,739 sockeyes, in a season that has been a real slow starter.

Salmon Update: PWS harvest capped at nearly 56M fish

Commercial harvesters in Prince William Sound caught nearly 56 million salmon in 2019, including 47.4 million humpies, despite climate changes that promoted NOAA Fisheries to note waters were warm or warmer than The Blob years.

Salmon Update: PWS season’s catch nears 56 million fish

Prince William Sound drift gillnetters headed out for a 60-hour harvest period on Monday, Sept. 23, on the heels of a 60-hour period on Sept. 16 that brought in 16,100 coho salmon in 166 deliveries reported.
Fishing vessels docked in Cordova Harbor on Sept. 12, 2019. Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith/The Cordova Times

Humpy catch ends, coho opener wait for rain

“We still haven’t gotten a lot of rain, so we’re tracking behind in escapement and the (coho) commercial harvest is below anticipated,” said Jeremy Botz, gillnet area management biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Cordova.

Rainfall offers relief as PWS humpy harvest climbs to 46M+

Long sought rain and cooling weather over the past week helped boost the Prince William Sound pink salmon harvest to 46,290,000 fish, and the area’s overall salmon catch to 54,525,000 fish.

Statewide harvest, boosted by the pink catch, rises to nearly 185M fish

“If we start getting rainfall this weekend and if continues for the next couple of weeks for these fish to spawn, we could be okay,” said Charlie Russell, seine area management biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Cordova.

PWS humpy harvest late, compressed but strong

Commercial harvests of humpies in Prince William Sound rose to over 34 million fish through Tuesday, Aug. 20, up nearly 12 million fish in seven days,...
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