Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Candidate Q&A: Sheryl Glasen

Sheryl Glasen is running for Cordova School Board in the March 3 Regular Election.

City council contest too close to call

The contest for City Council Seat B will not be decided until outstanding ballots have been counted, officials announced.

Candidate Q&A: Kelsey Appleton Hayden

Kelsey Appleton Hayden is running for the Cordova Community Medical Center Authority Board in the March 3 Regular Election.

Candidate Q&A: Cathy Sherman

Cathy Sherman is running for Cordova City Council Seat B in the March 3 Regular Election.

Sherman promises to champion city employees if elected

“I’d like to see us be more financially sustainable, and I don’t think more taxes are the answer,” Cathy Sherman said. “This is an expensive place to live as it is, and I’d like to see us driving some more economic development within the community… I value the city employees and how hard everybody works here, and I don’t think that the answer to our budget woes is cutting more positions.”