Cordova makes cautious return to in-person events

Mayor Clay Koplin praised community health care providers and the city’s medical response team for their efforts to get the public vaccinated."When you couple that with the work by the community to reduce our active cases back to zero again from our last mini-outbreak, and I think we can feel confident that it is time to relax protocols and get back to normal," Koplin said.

It’s been a year: After 12 months, Cordovans reflect on life under COVID

March 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Since then, Cordova has closed, reopened and readjusted too many times to count.

Surveys of highway damage resume after COVID delays

A project to identify infrastructure problems on the Copper River Highway is back on track after the coronavirus pandemic delayed surveying work during 2020.

Police chief returns from administrative leave

Police Chief Nate Taylor returned to work Monday, March 8. Taylor will spend the next four months under the mentorship of a retired Alaska police chief arriving from outside Cordova.

Police chief who failed to quarantine linked to virus outbreak

"It was a serious lapse in judgment," City Manager Helen Howarth said. "Our daycares are closed. We have public facilities down. We’re back in a place we never wanted to be… I apologize on behalf of the city for the actions of one of our employees. I’m horrified and dismayed, and every other sad word that I can think of."

151 seniors vaccinated

"We have a few little tweaks to work out, but it went really, really well," said Nursing Coordinator Nicole Piché. "We’ve been getting a huge amount of public interest."

Jan. 20 clinic will vaccinate older Alaskans

A Wednesday, Jan. 20 clinic at Cordova Community Medical Center will allow some Alaskans age 65 and above to receive vaccinations against the novel coronavirus.

Cordova reduces health alert level

Cordova reduced its public health alert from Level 4, signifying a local outbreak, to Level 3, which advises caution.

67% of ‘Cordova Cash’ spent

“If there was a way to keep the program going, we would do it, because I like the fact that we were able to push resources into our business community,” City Manager Helen Howarth said. “I’m hopeful that, maybe, people will pick up some good habits from this program.”

4 new virus cases are Cordova residents

Cordova reported four new cases of the novel coronavirus Wednesday, Dec. 30.
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