Cordova Chronicles: Cruising down the river II

In September 1966, with abundant sunshine and a brushless Copper River Delta in the background, my wife-to-be Sue was all smiles after a two-hour cruise/hike to our duck cabin at Pete Dahl. Photo courtesy of Dick Shellhorn

Cordova Chronicles: Cruising Down the River

The Alaganik Landing road was built shortly after the 1964 Good Friday earthquake to provide tidal access to Alaganik Slough, which was now 9-feet shallower due to the uplift caused by that major geological event.

Cordova Chronicles: Major improvements planned for Eyak River Boating site

The U.S. Forest Service is planning major improvements for the Eyak River Boating site, which is located on the east banks of the Eyak River near Milepost 6 of the Copper River Highway.

New cable for Mt. Eyak chairlift is here

Sitting on a flat bed at the local Alaska Marine Land yard is a massive reel containing 7,000 feet of Fatzer rope that weighs over six tons. It’s long journey to Cordova began all the way back in Switzerland, with it eventually arriving in the Port of Tacoma before being shipped here via AML.

Cordova Chronicles: These three trees

Dick Shellhorn is used to holiday travel misadventures, but he is happy to report his grandkids made it to Cordova safely for the holidays. This year he marked the holiday with his grandchildren with the tale of three Christmas trees.

Cordova Chronicles: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Dick Shellhorn wishes readers a Merry Christmas with tales of searching for the perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree in this week's Cordova Chronicles.

Cordova Chronicles: Mt. Eyak Ski Hill memories

The snow is piling up, and it looks like we are in for another fabulous ski season. The Mt. Eyak Ski area is truly one of Cordova’s finest recreational facilities, and not enough can be said about those that helped develop it, as well as those who continue to maintain and expand it.

Cordova Chronicles: Out with the old, in with the new

The shores of Lake Eyak are witnessing a flurry of construction activity this summer, with two new homes as well as a small cabin being built along its scenic edges.

Cordova Chronicles: In praise of trumpeter swans

Dick Shellhorn writes: One of the pleasures of walking along Power Creek Road is hearing the melodious bugling of trumpeter swans. Over the past several years, it seems that more and more of the huge birds are opting to stay year-round, rather than migrate south with countless other species that make Alaska their summer breeding grounds.

Cordova Chronicles: A COVID Christmas

Dick Shellhorn writes: Normally we would have a packed house on Christmas morning, enjoying Swedish pancakes, pickled fish and famous Pete Dahl Snappies (a secret Bloody Mary concoction). Alas, this year only a very small bubble of family members will come, as pandemic numbers have soared to incredible heights.
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