Sunday, July 21, 2024

Sheron Patrick

Sheron Patrick
Sheron Patrick is the Communications Manager for the Better Business Bureau of Northwest and Pacific serving Alaska. He lives in Anchorage, where he and his team write articles and alerts on tips to help keep Alaskan consumers safe.

Better Business Bytes: How to build an agile company and team

For businesses of all sizes, an agile mindset is necessary to adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, writes Sheron Patrick.

Better Business Bytes: How to succeed as a small online retailer

The marketplace’s future has always expected to look increasingly online. Present circumstances just accelerated the timeline.

Better Business Bytes: Do you have a social media plan?

With customers continuing to limit their in-person interactions in the marketplace, efforts to build brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and communication have had to go more digital.

Better Business Bytes: How to prepare for the worst

Disasters don’t plan ahead, but you can.

Commentary: When census imposters come knocking

Many residents of Alaska may hear a knock at their door or receive some other type of communication from the U.S. Census Bureau within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, there’s a concern that imposters are vying for your information as well.

Commentary: Government imposter scams prey on pandemic fears

Picture this. You’re sitting at home when you get a telephone call from an unknown number. When you answer, the caller on the other end informs you that a police officer will soon be at your doorstep to arrest you.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay/Pexels

Commentary: Scammers who target veterans

According to the 2018 Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker Risk Report, military consumers lose 33 percent more money to scammers than non-military consumers.

Commentary: Don’t let moving scammers take you for a ride

Allowing someone you don’t know to drive away with your belongings is among the many stressful aspects of a long-distance move. The stress can be compounded by fraudulent movers who charge significantly more than the amount quoted, have unreasonably long delivery windows, hold items hostage for additional undisclosed fees, and deliver damaged goods.

Commentary: Look out for bogus ‘mask exemption’ cards

As businesses and cities continue to discuss making face masks mandatory, fake cards are showing up online that claim to exempt people from covering their faces.

Employment scams take hold during COVID-19 downturn

While employment scams have consistently ranked in the No. 1 or No. 2 spot for Better Business Bureau’s annual riskiest scams report, we’ve recently found that in today’s economic climate, consumers are at a higher risk of falling prey, according to a new survey conducted by BBB.