Saturday, July 20, 2024

James Ianni

James Ianni
James Ianni is a Biological Science Technician on the Chugach National Forest, working for US Forest Service in the Cordova District Office. James has spent about a year working on the Chugach National Forest, studying a variety of wildlife, ecology, and vegetation resources in both Glacier and Cordova Ranger Districts respectively. In addition to assisting in research efforts on the Chugach, James has also been consistently involved in a variety of public outreach events including guided hikes, school programs, local festivals, and writing educational articles for the public.

The furry ecosystem engineers of the Copper River Delta

The North American Beaver is an accomplished architect, building a multi-story home that remains dry and cozy throughout the winter.

Bursting buds spark interest in citizen science

While walking through Cordova, have you ever noticed the tiny blue flowers blooming in early May? Or while boating on the Copper River Delta have you noticed the yellow and purple flower buds bursting across the landscape?