Saturday, July 13, 2024

Belle Mickelson

Belle Mickelson

Letter to the Editor: Let’s count our blessings

Thanksgiving offers us all an opportunity to reflect on the blessings of living in Cordova, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson.

Music student awarded a fiddle

Seventh grader Jasmine Ridao, an enthusiastic participant in the Mt. Eccles Morning Music program, received a fiddle donated by past Cordova 4H Music Camp instructors.

Letter to the Editor: Living and loving in Cordova

During this time of crisis and division, Cordovans should be prepared to listen respectfully to one another, even when they disagree, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson.

Commentary: 32 years later, what have we learned?

The Rev. Belle Mickelson reflects on what we have — and haven't — learned since the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Christmas Contemplation: Christmas is forever

Christmas is a time to come together and support one another, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson.

Rev. Mickelson: Dancing with the Spirit announces virtual curriculum

The Dancing with the Spirit music program has debuted a new virtual music curriculum.

Commentary: Rise up and work together

Now is the time for Cordovans to join together and help one another, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson.

Commentary: A Baccalaureate message

All of the community's good wishes go out to the Cordova Jr./Sr. High School graduating class of 2020, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson.

Easter Inspiration: There is always hope

Even while apart, we can come together to celebrate the beauty of life, writes the Rev. Belle Mickelson.

St. George’s Celebrates 100 years  

Everyone’s invited to help us celebrate 100 years of serving Cordova in our little red church! The church was dedicated on April 20, 1919....