Cordova Public Library on Nov. 30, 2021. File photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith for The Cordova Times

By Kate Trudeau  

Our local Cordova Library provides so much for us. On paper, they provide books, internet service and computer skills assistance. The library is also a place that you can check out baking and cooking equipment to try new recipes. Senior Mug Up offers a chance for our elders to socialize. After School Art provides valuable childcare on Friday afternoons, allowing parents an extra two hours to work or have a moment to themselves before the weekend. The library also provides non-measurable things. For many, the librarians provide the only smile or listening ear a person may get during the day. The library is one of the few indoor spaces left where you can go, hang out, and are not expected to spend any money.  

The library is a good friend to the City of Cordova, and it could use a friend in return!  

The library is currently understaffed with a very busy summer coming up. The library needs a friend who can show up and help “do the chores.” The library could use a friend that drops in with a messy bun and two cups of coffee and says, “which pile of books should I move to the donation shelf?” The library needs the kind of friend who comes by and says, “let me sit at the front desk so you can tackle the bigger project in the back.” Can you be the friend the library needs? 

Consider becoming a Friend of the Library (FOL). The Friends of the Library meet the first Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. FOL provides volunteer support for library activities and money for equipment and programming. During our meetings we outline library needs, fill volunteer slots, and plan community programming. Joining the FOL means you value the library’s contributions and want to give back!  

If you would like to join the FOL, send us an email to get on mailing list ([email protected]). Maybe you are not ready to “label” the friendship, but you would enjoy helping in this understaffed time by volunteering. If so, email Ashley Bivin ([email protected]) and let her know your volunteer availability. Any time Tuesday-Saturday is much appreciated.  


The library has been looking for a friend like you! 

Kate Trudeau is the president of the Friends of the Library. 

This story originally ran in the May 10 issue of The Cordova Times.