Dr. Laily Mahoozi. Photo courtesy of the Ilanka Community Health Center

By The Ilanka Community Health Center 

The Ilanka Community Health Center proudly welcomes Dr. Laily Mahoozi. Dr. Mahoozi joined Ilanka in mid-October bringing with her a wealth of experience. A graduate from Leeds University in England, Dr. Mahoozi specialized in Internal Medicine, with a fellowship in Endocrinology and Neuroendocrinology from Tufts University, Stony Brook University, and University of Viginia. Her professional journey led her to serve as a consultant in New York before returning to her home country of Iran, where she practiced as the primary pituitary specialist in the Middle Eastern region.  

Given the intricate nature of hormonal imbalances, Dr. Mahoozi works closely with patients to create specific, individual treatment plans. These plans often involve medication, lifestyle modifications, and close monitoring to effectively manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and thyroid. In addition to her expertise, Dr. Mahoozi incorporates a recognition and respect for the many aspects of culture that can influence one’s health journey.  

On a personal level, Dr. Mahoozi is dedicated to an active lifestyle and embraces the outdoors. Her commitment to fitness stems from her roots in the rugged mountains and intense heat of southern Iran, where she developed a reverence for nature and the arts.   

“I am from the desertic wilderness of southern Iran; we worship water and celebrate green. As nomads, movement is our essence and dance our passion. At heart, I am a choreographer: steering ink in calligraphy, juxtaposing words in poetry, and as an Endocrinologist, fine-tuning the spectacular Ballet of Hormones.”  

For those seeking an appointment with Dr. Mahoozi, please call Ilanka Community Health Center at 907-424-3622, ext. 4. 


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