Headshot of Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan, May 6, 2016. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore

Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, urged Israel last week to release the horrific videos filmed by Hamas terrorists, saying it is important to show the world there is no moral equivalence between the terrorist group’s barbaric actions and Israel’s right to defend its very existence. 

Sullivan released his comments made during an interview with the Fox News Channel in a news release following that interview with Harris Faulkner. 

Sullivan said he had met with families of the hostages while with a bipartisan congressional delegation in Israel this past week.  

“We got very detailed briefings, including videos, unbelievable videos taken by these terrorists, Hamas terrorists, showing them killing, and chopping up people. It was just hard to even look at what we were seeing,” he said. 

“Where’s the moral outrage?” he said. “What I’m concerned about on a whole host of fronts is, number one, just watch our media. Watch the media around the world. They’re already saying ‘moral equivalence.’ There’s no moral equivalence here. You had a rampage of thousands of terrorists who were purposely trying to kill civilians. There needs to be outrage on that.” 

The senator also said there is no doubt that Iran ultimately was behind this.  


“Remember, there’s no Hamas without Iran. There’s no Hezbollah without Iran. They fund them. They train them. They supply them. That is a fact,” he said.