Alyssa Kleissler leads a stretch and tone yoga session at the Current Rhythms Studio on Wednesday, Oct. 4, 2023. Photo by Kinsey Brown for The Cordova Times

Current Rhythms dance and yoga studio is expanding offerings for the fall and winter season this year. A variety of classes both familiar and new began on Sept. 18, ushering in the 27th season for the studio.  

Many Cordovans are familiar with the yoga and dance classes offered by sisters Alyssa and Marita Kleisser out of Alyssa’s home studio on Railroad Avenue. Community favorites over the years have included rise and shine morning yoga and restorative evening sessions.  

This fall, Cordovans can expect morning yoga taught by Alyssa or Martia to continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and stretch and tone yoga classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.  

Dance classes are also available for children ages kindergarten through twelfth grade with a focus on encouraging self-expression within the foundation of taught technique. Dance classes include ballet, tap, hip-hop, and lyrical dance. The adult dance series meets for three four-week-long sessions providing community and activity as the days begin to grow shorter.  

Alyssa said that the adult classes focus on community and creativity throughout the series.  

“We work on expanding movement vocabulary with technical moves,” she said of their teaching style.  


All of the choreography is original and Alyssa said that participants often play a collaborative role in the development of the piece through structural improv and gradual changes in speed and direction that fit with an individual’s comfort level.  

“They have a lot of ownership, which makes it much easier than memorizing movements that aren’t their own,” she said.   

Alyssa said that they often receive feedback that Current Rhythms provides a safe and welcoming environment to explore and enjoy movement.  

“We have all body shapes and sizes that walk through the door,” she said.  

The teaching style at the studio is open and flexible to working with accommodations to make classes accessible for everyone. One example given by Alyssa is a young child who is shy and hesitant to try a dance class may be accommodated by allowing a parent to come along and encourage them through the first session to build confidence. Many yoga classes are also offered in hybrid style with an option to attend virtually, an accommodation the studio has offered since 2020.  

In addition to known community favorites, additional classes will be offered by two new teachers Aviva Kinoko and Grace Lee beginning this fall. The addition of new faces to the studio space is an expansion and diversification of the overall programming. Kinoko and Lee will each be adding their own unique personal styles and focus to the regular Current Rhythms schedule.  

Kinoko will lead yoga nidra as well as a special community yoga session on Friday evenings that will be free for all to attend. Cordovans may be familiar with Kinoko’s teaching style and rhythm, as she has previously held yoga classes at the Prince William Sound Science Center atrium.  

Grace Lee will lead body conditioning classes at the studio on Monday and Thursday mornings, which will challenge attendees to get their body moving with pilates-based, functional movement and strengthening exercises that target your core, upper body, and legs. Lee holds a degree in exercise physiology and practices independent Ayurvedic health counseling.  

Alyssa said she is excited to see how Lee incorporates her training in Ayurvedic healing into movement classes: “she’s very well-rounded.”