The Cordova Times is pleased to announce the appointment of a new intern for the upcoming year: Mhikee (Kyi) Gasmen. Gasmen, a senior at Cordova High School (CHS), will be joining the team to assist with the Around Town and Take A Break sections, as well as some editing and local reporting work. Learn more about our new intern in our Q&A here: 

How long have you lived in Cordova? 

I was raised in Cordova, Alaska and have resided here the entirety of my life. My family has lived in the area for 17 years, about my age. My mother and grandparents immigrated here right before my birth. 

What are your favorite classes or subjects at CHS? What activities are you involved in? 

My favorite classes include every single one of the social studies classes I have taken and am currently enrolled in. These include Alaska history, world history, AP U.S. history, psychology, AP U.S. government, D.C. introduction to law, and women’s history. As for activities, I am and have been involved with my school’s student government for all four years of high school, and am currently serving my third term as president of the CHS Student Council. 

What’s your favorite thing to do in Cordova or favorite place to go in town? 


I enjoy listening to music, writing (journaling and poetry), walking, and spending quality time with the people I am close with. My favorite thing to do in Cordova with people is to stroll around town simply taking in the views Alaska offers us. 

Why did you want to intern for The Cordova Times?  

I wished to intern with the Cordova Times as I wished to further familiarize myself with the stories of people around me. I wish for the upkeep of current events and for the pursuance of awareness when it comes to any issues that may present itself in society. What further inspired me to take on the internship as well was my enrollment in a journalism course with the University of British Columbia.  

What are your plans for after you graduate?  

University after graduation remains my plan for my future. I wish to study political science and/or international affairs to entertain my interests in the United States government and the importance of representation within it.  

Why is local news important to you? 

Journalism has been an interest because of its service for the people: to inform. The freedom of the press grants citizens with the knowledge and current doings of the government, issues being presented, and in general, to give awareness. This ties in with my interests of representation within government.  

Regional journalism is direct and is to serve the audience of a certain community. This directiveness, again, focuses on being a service for the people — a career that I am interested in.