Farewell Cordova

By Marina Briggs 

Dear Editor, 

The time has come to say farewell to the beautiful town and great big state that has been our home for over 30 years. We are departing Cordova and making our way to Haines to board the Alaska State Ferry, Columbia, touring the Inland Passage and on to Bellingham, Washington. Tim and I have always wanted to see more of Alaska, so we are taking our time using the scenic route: driving and ferry ride. 

We will be making our home in Vancouver, Washington. The packing and sorting of 30 plus years has been exhausting yet freeing, but we are so ready to be done with it and on our way. We will be keeping our same phone numbers and email addresses and encourage you to keep in touch. 

Thank you, Cordova for the support and love you have shown us these last 30 years. We will miss your surrounding beauty, generous and kind community, and especially our friends.  

My first view of Cordova in 1985 was through a veil of awed and happy tears, my last view of Cordova will be though a veil of lovely memories and bittersweet tears.  
We love you with all our hearts.  


From, Tim & Mimi Briggs