City looks to fill board and commission vacancies

The mayor’s office and Cordova City Council are soliciting applications for upcoming open city board and commission positions.  

Three seats are opening up for the Planning Commission. Two seats are becoming vacant on the Library Board, Harbor Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission and the Historic Preservation Commission.  

The vacancies have terms through November 2026. 

Applications are available on the city’s website, and the deadline to apply is Nov. 29, 2023. The one-page application asks applicants if they are a resident of Cordova and if so for how long, current and past organization memberships, their interest in involvement and what past experiences or credentials would be beneficial for the role.  

Appointments to these board and commission positions will be made at a City Council meeting in December 2023. 

Questions and requests for further information can be directed via email to [email protected] or [email protected]