Research shows Alaska is one of the most expensive states to die in

Most Alaskans know how expensive it is to live in the state. High housing, food, merchandise, and gas costs are juggled every day. Now research shows that it’s also expensive to die in the Last Frontier.  

New research released by Forbes Advisor demonstrated that Alaska is the most expensive state to die in in the United States.  

Forbes Advisor found that the average cost of dying in Alaska is $33,742.17. The median funeral cost in Alaska was found to be $9,333.79, and the average end-of-life medical costs reached $24,408.38. 

Joining the 49th state as most expensive to die in are (in order from most to least) Hawai’i, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Washington. 

On the other side of the spectrum, Kentucky is the least expensive state to die in. Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri also all made the list of five least expensive states to die in. 

Forbes Advisor found that the national average for end-of-life medical care is $16,468, and the average national cost of funeral expenses is about $7,736. This brings the national average cost to die to $24,204. 


To conduct this research, Forbes Advisor analyzed and compared end-of-life medical care and funeral costs from each state. 

While many people often think about the expenses relating to living, expenses related to dying can include medical care and funeral costs.