Social media influencers will talk shop at GAPP meeting

Two social media influencers who have helped to promote wild Alaska pollock in past campaigns will be on stage for the annual meeting of the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) on Sept. 28, sharing recipes and anecdotes about cooking with this succulent groundfish.

GAPP CEO Craig Morris said he figures everyone is curious about what an influencer actually is and does, and thought meeting participants looking to work with influencers would like such insight.

The presenters include Angelica Castaneda, a digital content creator and blogger, and Angela Kim, who will share thoughts on navigating the world of social media, creating digital content, and what it really means to be an influencer in 2023.

“Angelica and Angela have built their businesses partnering with brands and products they trust and connecting with consumers online in meaningful ways,” said Morris. “Most people don’t know or understand the work and talent that goes into digital content creation. I’m excited to give our attendees a first-hand window into that world.”

A social influencer is generally defined as an individual who has a reputation of authority or expertise in a particular area, and who uses that authority to engage with large numbers of social media followers.

In a marketing context, influencers are individuals who collaborate with brands to promote products or services to their audience. These individuals may be high profile people already famous in their own right.


The schedule calls for much of the meeting day to be devoted to sharing data and insights that GAPP has gathered with its members, partners, and allied industry affiliates to the benefit of each individual business.

During the event, Ron Rogness, director of Industry Relations, Partnerships and Fishery Analysis, will present the fishery and trade report, detailing the latest market and trade conditions for Wild Alaska Pollock. Later in the day, Urner Barry’s Lorin Castiglione and Angel Rubio will present global seafood and protein market trends that will give a window into the future of the global protein market, he said.

The event is being held at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with an evening reception immediately following. Register online to attend in person or virtually.