The Eyak Lake weir is seen on Feb. 21, 2020. Photo by Zachary Snowdon Smith for The Cordova Times

A $3.49 million grant to the Eyak Corp. in Cordova is among grants totaling $196 million awarded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) in mid-August to fix or remove barriers to improve fish passage nationwide. In all, Alaska received over $44 million for 45 projects. 

The funds will help the Eyak Corp. to replace a failing weir at the outlet of Eyak Lake. 

FHA officials noted that both Alaska Native and other residents of the Cordova area depend on the Eyak Lake salmon for their livelihoods. For those communities, the commercial value of sockeye and coho salmon fishing in Eyak Lake is estimated at $1.7 million to $2.9 million each year.