Arkansas man pleads guilty to illegal transport of unlawfully killed caribou

An Arkansas man who claimed to be an Alaska resident and killed five animals in the Delta Junction area has been sentenced to pay a $12,000 fine, serve 18 months of probation, and is prohibited from hunting anywhere in the world for the duration of his probation. 

The sentence for Edward A. Bundy, 54, was announced on Aug. 4 by U.S. Attorney for the District of Alaska S. Lane Tucker, who said illegal killing and transportation of wildlife will not be tolerated. The sentence was handed down on July 18. 

According to court documents, Bundy was charged with one count of violating the Lacey Act for illegally killing and transporting a bull caribou in April 2018.  

Court documents show that Bundy claimed to be an Alaska resident and killed the animal without proper non-resident Alaska Department of Fish and Game hunting license and locking tag. 

Bundy was also ordered to forfeit two bull caribou and one black bear, all killed illegally.   

Prosecutors did not disclose Bundy’s hometown in Arkansas or the other two animals he is charged with killing illegally.