Frank Jones: 1954-2015

Lisa Jones: 1957-2023

By Nikki Felix-Davies

Frank and Lisa Jones moved to Cordova, Alaska in 1978 where they started their lives and a family. They had their daughter Nikki in 1981. They had an amazing life in Cordova.

Frank owned and operated Inlet Construction. He was an avid hunter and trapper. Lisa worked for Alaska Airlines for 26 years. She enjoyed being with her family, friends and loving her job. Both of my parents truly loved Cordova and all the people that made up our community.

Please join us for a celebration of life for both Frank and Lisa Jones at the Powder House, Aug. 5 at 3 p.m. for food, drinks, sharing stories and laughs. Most Cordovans knew both my parents and were not able to attend their services in Florida so we would love to see you to celebrate them.


Please if you can, bring a potluck-style dish. We will also have the Powder House catering some items as well. If you have any questions call Nikki at 386-366-0991. Hope to see you all there.