Local discussions lately have been focused on the upcoming renovations of the south end of the Cordova Boat Harbor. Here is a flashback of the harbor before major renovations (beyond a breakwater) were in place.

This image from the late 1930s shows the original breakwater to the south — another breakwater (not shown) to the north eventually became what we call today Breakwater Avenue.

After the 1964 earthquake dock facilities were raised so high, they could be reached by boats only at highest tides. An extensive and difficult dredging project, together with new breakwaters and dock repairs took place to make the facilities useable. In the course of the post-earthquake renovation, done by the Corps of Engineers, the boat basin was enlarged, and 20 acres of new land, eventually usable for industrial development, was made from the dredged material.

This photo is from the collection of the Cordova Historical Society. Comments? Want to share more info? Email [email protected].