You may have seen her byline in last week’s issue, and you’ve probably seen her around town, but The Cordova Times is pleased to welcome Kinsey Brown to the team as our new freelance reporter and photographer.

Brown lives year-round in Cordova, and first moved here in 2016 after being hired by The Copper River Prince William Sound Marketing Association. While she had never been to town before, she had previously lived in Juneau for a year. Her second day in Cordova, she met her now-husband Ezekiel while ice skating on Sheridan Glacier Lake – an iconic small-town love story if we’ve ever heard one.

Brown is originally from Colorado, but she attended the University of Hawaii Manoa where she received her bachelor of arts in anthropology in 2015 and her master’s degree in applied cultural anthropology in 2022. Brown has written for Edible Alaska and The Hawaii Review, as well as several various seafood blogs.

Brown said she is interested in local journalism because local issues are where people’s actions can make the most impact. She said that especially in a small town, the local paper is “a history book” chronicling the successes and struggles of everyday people, and she wants to contribute to that in Cordova. Brown prepares for a story by getting the sense of a place (“Easily done in Cordova simply by living here,” she said), and conducts interviews with people in a conversational manner.

“I’m most looking forward to stories that highlight those little seasonal events that make living here special,” Brown said, noting the local harvests, festivals and projects. “I want to cover anything and everything that makes Cordova unique: our local artisans, traditions, industry and environmental concerns.”

Brown said she has always had an interest in sustainable ocean practices and wild salmon. In college she completed grant-funded research on small-scale fishing communities.


When not writing or shooting photos, Brown is an avid forager and hunter, and passionate home chef. She also works alongside her husband on their fishing business, as they raise their 4-month-old baby daughter Odette.

If you see Brown around town working on stories for the paper, say hi!

“I hope that people can feel they can approach me with story ideas, no matter how small,” she said.

Reach Kinsey Brown at [email protected].