A Bay to Bay recap

By Lee Collins and Natasha Casciano

May 6 brought an excellent weather window for the Bay to Bay Ride/Run, and along with the good weather, participants showed up in strong numbers. It’s exciting to watch this event grow from its start last year and to see the enthusiasm from riders and runners at the start of the event. Bay to Bay starts at Hartney Bay and ends at Orca Lodge. Runners start first and are followed by bike riders, bikes are ridden to the City Center and from there everyone runs or walks the remaining distance.

The Bay to Bay event began as the idea of Dr. Paul Gloe. Dr. Gloe is an adventurer and medical professional living in Cordova, Alaska. By creating this annual community event many people have been inspired to get outside and get moving and riding, running and walking in preparation for and during the event. Most likely this will result in healthier people in Cordova who will have fewer visits to see Dr. Gloe at the CCMC clinic or hospital. Dr. Gloe most likely will not mind as he is obviously hoping to increase physical and mental health in Cordova through the creation of this wonderful annual event. 

Dr. Gloe picked the perfect month to schedule the Bay to Bay in May event as May is a great time for families to get outside and resume increased outdoor activities. May is also National Bike Month, the perfect time to begin summer biking activities. If you happened to see any of the fliers around town advertising Bay to Bay you might have noticed that prizes go to the most average times, because this is an event and not a race. Of course anyone is free to try for the fastest time, but the idea is that this event is open for everyone and that participating is more important than being first across the finish line.

This year the Cordova Police Department and Alaska State Troopers were helpful in escorting the participants through Whitshed Road, which is especially narrow and lacks bike and walking paths along the roadway. Most drivers are careful and considerate when riders and walkers are encountered, but Whitshed Road can be difficult to navigate at times. And the help from law enforcement was a welcome addition.

The Bay to Bay in May event is on the main route of the Cordova Trail and Covered Spaces Project, a community effort to create a network of covered spaces that will highlight the natural beauty of the area, educate people with interpretive signs while offering some much needed cover. The registration fees for Bay to Bay were donated to the Covered Spaces Project and raised close to $400 and helped more people become aware and excited about the project.


A huge thank you to Dr. Gloe for creating this event, investing his time and money to help Cordovans become healthier while having a great time. And a big thanks to all who volunteered to make this event happen and to make it safe and fun for all who participated.

Lee Collins and Natasha Casciano work at Cordova Gear.