Safety and road rules briefing before the bike portion of the event begins at Hartney Bay. Photo courtesy of Mya Bingham

By Amiee LeBlanc Gloe

The second annual Bay to Bay in May was an exciting show of community effort to celebrate each other, the shorebird migration, and the coming of spring.

We had 95 registered participants this year, ranging in ages from 2 to 67, who walked, ran, and biked their way from Hartney to Orca Bay.

There were also many supporters that unofficially jumped in on the fun, and finished the event with their friends and family.

Many thanks are due to those who made it all possible. The Cordova Police Department and Alaska State Troopers made sure the event was safe from beginning to end. Community members cheered, baked treats, manned water and snack stations, and helped with registration, traffic control and timing!

AC donated drinks and food, and Orca Adventure Lodge gave us space for a great finish celebration, and shuttle service back to Hartney Bay. Cordova Gear provided bike repair support and donated raffle prizes. Thanks to CCMC for prize donations, and Cordova Parks and Recreation for staffing, support and logistics. Thanks to CFRC for showing up with kid’s games and prizes to make it a party!

Lastly, so many thanks to Mother Nature for gifting a glorious break in the weather that made for perfect conditions, and the inspirational backdrop of the natural, wild beauty we get to call home.


All Proceeds from the Bay to Bay in May benefit the fundraising efforts of the Cordova Trails and Covered Spaces Project, an initiative to build much needed covered spaces to enhance community and visitor well-being while connecting covered spaces with informational and educational routes and trails.

Our winners:

  • Most Average Finishers: Tamar Smith and Jonah Wright, 83.97 minutes
  • Youngest Finishers: Ursa Haught, 2yrs/old and Riley Brooks, 4yrs/old
  • Eldest Finisher: John Stack
  • Fastest Female Run: Mandy Vincent-Lang, 60.53 minutes
  • Fastest Male Run: Mike Towle Jr., 56.98 minutes
  • Fastest Youth Bike/Run Female: Sierra Westing, 53.78 minutes
  • Fastest Youth Bike/Run Male: Peter Solberg, 53.82 minutes
  • Fastest Adult Bike/Run Female: Noelle Camerena and Charlotte Westing, 54 minutes
  • Fastest Adult Bike/Run Male: Adam Dixon, 40.18 minutes (The record holder!)

And finally – save the date! Next year’s Bay to Bay in May will be held Saturday May 4th, 2024 in conjunction with the Copper River Shorebird Festival.