Bob Korn, former Cordova mayor Photo courtesy of the Cordova Historical Society

Robert Wade Korn, was born in Gentry County in northwest Missouri on May 18, 1891. Little is known of his early life, but he came to Alaska in 1920 and established Cordova as his home shortly thereafter. In his early years in Cordova, he worked for the local Post Office and the United States Forest Service until about 1938.

At that time, he became manager of the Imperial Bar and Taxi which he purchased soon thereafter. In the early 1940s he added an Airport Limo Service to his enterprise.

In the early 1950s he was the victim of a disastrous fire that wiped out the Imperial Bar and adjoining businesses. After the fire he continued in the Airport Limo Service and other minor enterprises until he and Mr. and Mrs. James Nichols acquired the Alaskan Hotel and Bar.    

On the local level Korn served Cordova for a time as mayor in the early 1940s and continued serving on local boards and commissions as the need arose. On the state level he served many years as a member of the Local Affairs and Boundary Commission.

He maintained an active interest in the fraternal orders of the community and state throughout his life. He was actively involved with the Elks, the Moose Lodge, and the Pioneers—a life member in each. “Bob,” as he was affectionately known to all, will be principally remembered for his many un-noted and unsung charities.       

His continuous efforts and support of the Cordova School activities was the source of his greatest gratification. He was a firm believer in the value of intrastate activities from the students at the Cordova School system in athletics, music, and other activities. Korn held the belief that the more association Cordova youth had with other Alaskan young people the better it would be for them and Alaska. He supported his beliefs with his actions and strong financial support.